I can help you to finally manifest the life you dream of. You deserve it! 

I help spiritual women over 40 to manifest their dream life -- more money, more freedom, big impact, more joy - using a simple repeatable process.

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Imagine focusing on you, what you desire, and coming up with a detailed action-step plan of exactly what you have to do to get there! Save months and likely years of trial and error and distractions you would have if you tried to figure this out on your own in your "spare time."  

Half-day Intensive

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Surround yourself with driven, like-mind women. This is a 24-week coaching program for women who desire big changes and want to ensure their success with a structured program that is more flexible and can be self-paced, and that is proven to work. If you're looking to get clarity on your dream life and then create it, this is for you! 

group coaching

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This 5-week group coaching program is intensive deep training for *Goals, Manifesting, and Productivity. We go quickly from wherever you are to advanced skills. Finish this knowing exactly what your big meaningful goal is and how to make it a burning hot desire that is non-negotiable, know the exact powerful steps to take to manifest with certainty, and master Priorities and Productivity so you get way more done in less time.

Powerful You G.M.P.*
5 Week Group intensive coaching

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Are you ready to be more, do more, have more, and give more - without working 24/7, and truly LOVE your life? 

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I show people how to engage with their hidden mechanism to get exactly what they want. Through High Level Coaching and Structured Teaching, I show you how to work with Natural Universal Laws so that your success will be guaranteed.

"Tell me what you want and I'll show you how to get it."

Hello lovely! I'm Dr. Liesa Harte


The Self-Confidence Formula 

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I grew up on a small farm in Mississippi and developed a strong desire to explore the world when I was a young teenager. This led to me ultimately moving with my children to the South of France when my children were very young because I wanted my children to be multilingual and multicultural. Did I mention I have 6 children?!

While living in France, I took time off from being a medical doctor and started a business serving English speakers who love France, and renovated and ran a jewel box bed and breakfast from an 18th-century farmhouse in the South of France. I also coached others on how to start a business in France. I was first exposed to life coaching there.

After moving back to the states, I worked as a medical doctor and did extra training in Functional Medicine. I started a private practice and was able to help a lot of people. I developed a passion for coaching and the power of the mind.

Hello lovely! I'm Dr. Liesa.


-Liivi Hess , Freedom Lifestyle Success Coach

"Liesa’s life story is a wealth of imagination and adventure to inspire any woman to stick her nose up at convention and live her biggest possible story. She has done things other people would never dream of doing, with a grin and a unique fearless flare. Every woman needs to talk to Liesa."

— Marissa L.

When I first met Liesa, I knew that I would never find a safer space to be my most vulnerable in an environment where perfection and performance reigned, Dr Liesa elevated the idea that we could thrive when we are passionate about what we are doing - as we are.

Her ability to create a safe and sacred space for transformation is a testament to her holistic approach to healing - the mind, the body, and the soul.

-Dara Steinberg; transformation Energy Worker, Ossining, N.Y.

Liesa’s captivating personal story includes raising six children on her own, traveling the world and creating her own medical practice. Needless to say, she has done more in her lifetime than most of us could dream of. Liesa combines all of her knowledge into one powerful package and inspires her clients to live the life of their dreams.