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Join the club of divine creators and strengthen your connection with source! With new content each week, we are sure to elevate your energetic being to a new level, and that will help you to achieve your goals with ease and certainty.

A group full of meditations, universal law lessons, book study sessions, masterminding, success trainings, and monthly masterclasses.

The I am _______ Club

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You have more potential within you than you will ever know. The only thing that will prevent you from becoming your best self and living out your dreams is your lower case self. Within you there is a Divine uppercase Self that is eager to see the light of day. Allow your true potential to shine and be a light for the rest to follow. 

what you need is less strategy & more mindset work...

What if I said you already have the skills you need to completely transform your life? 

Strategic work days...ease&Flow

money Mindset On Point

confident in your next move

Overworked & hustling 

not earning at your potential

Burnt out, stuck & unmotivated


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With monthly workshops to help you tap into your greatest potential, you'll reach all new high levels of success and fulfillment. 

Develop an in-depth understanding of universal laws so you can use them to your advantage for a happier, healthier, prosperous life.

• Weekly Q&A sessions to make sure you understand each universal law

• Become a deliberate creator who is tapped into source

• Meditations for starting your day, ending your day, healing, increasing your peace and success - so your subconscious works for you.

• Quarterly goal setting calls so you can be held accountable with the rest of the group. 

• Book Study Sessions for Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, works by Robert A. Russell, Florence Scovill Shin, Neville Goddard, Price Pritchett, Genevieve Behrend, and more!

+ Weekly Mastermind Meetings
+ Success Minutes Trainings
+ Book Study Sessions
+ Universal Law Lessons
+ Monthly Masterclasses

What You'll have access to when you join the club:

• Weekly Mastermind Meetings and Group Coaching calls over Zoom so you can get coached on what's happening in your life and business.

• Downloadable Resources to help you to achieve your goals. 

• No one left behind!  This is a nurturing, empowering club, with high-vibrations.

• Special Trainings and Resources for Parents, for Network Marketers, for Entrepreneurs, and others by request! 

• Manifestation Trainings so you learn to manifest exactly what you desire.

• This is a living group and we will add additional things here as needed to best serve you.

Know why we decided to call this the "I Am _____ Club"? We were looking for a way to empower all of our lovely members. We want you to decide on what it is that you want. And for you to get it. Notice the blank space in the name? It is there so that you can fill in the blank space with whatever it is that you want to become.

Want great success? Welcome to the "I Am Successful Club" 

Whatever it is that you are working towards, we are sure we will provide you with the material that you need to tap into your greatest potential. Think we could provide additional service to the club?
Let us know! 

The I Am _____ Club

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